Other Insulin 100 Resources

Banting laboratory
Banting Laboratory [UT Library, Insulin collection]

Online resources on the centennial of the discovery of insulin

J.J.R. Macleod, Reconsidered: Insulin and Beyond

This issue of the Canadian Journal for Health History 40, 2 brings together papers from the Macleod workshop hosted by the Toronto Medical Historical Club on May 4, 2022. It is available Open Access thanks to a grant from AMS Healthcare.

Insulin 100: Celebrating a Century of Health Innovation at the University of Toronto

Throughout 2020-2021, the U of T community is coming together with clinical and industry partners to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the discovery of insulin at the University of Toronto. 

Defining Moments Canada’s Insulin 100: Inspiration and Innovation

Defining Moments Canada brings the story of insulin into the classroom through historical content and lessons to support educators and students. Insulin100: Inspiration and Innovation shares the story of the life-saving discovery of insulin and follows the life of Dr. Frederick Banting in an engaging story map. 

University of Toronto Libraries: The Discovery and Early Development of Insulin

This site documents the initial period of the discovery and development of insulin, 1920-1925, at the University of Toronto. It presents over seven thousand page images reproducing original documents ranging from laboratory notebooks and charts, correspondence, writings, and published papers to photographs, awards, clippings, scrapbooks, printed ephemera and artifacts.

The Banting Legacy Foundation: Discovery 100

The Banting Legacy Foundation site provides a 3D, 360 degree self-directed Virtual Tour of Banting’s birthplace, quizzes, and educational events focused on the legacy of the insulin story.

Life and Times of Sir Frederick Banting Podcast

 Banting family historian, Bob Banting, shares his wealth of knowledge through this podcast focussed on lesser known details and stories of the life and times of Sir Frederick Banting.